Friday, 22 July 2011

New diesel takes shape

I decided that I needed to reduce the pile of unmade kits and unused chassis in my drawer so after some consideration I decided to use a Fleischmann 0-6-0 diesel chassis under an A1 models brass body kit. It was designed to be used on the Bachmann Plymouth chassis and is supposed to use part of the body but fortunately the chassis I had to hand still had the running board attached.

I made up the cab and the bonnet and offered them up to the chassis. It needed a bit chopping off each end which I did with a razor saw. I made some buffer beams out of platicard.

I've sourced several detail parts from the box of bits and all is starting to come together nicely. Being a Fleischmann it runs very smoothly too. There is loads of room in the cab so I will make a control panel and fit a driver and glazing.

More to follow....

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