Saturday, 30 July 2011

Track goes down

This afternoon I've laid the track on the new extension, fitting the new point in the old siding was a bit fiddly but I got it in in the end. All has gone down ok apart from where there is a short section between the 2nd and 3rd new points, it is only an inch or so long and needs to have a slight curve on it but I've ended up with a slight 'thrupenny bit' join at one end; very prototypical but it already bugs me. Its not wired up yet but I'll try it with some rolling stock and a battery to see if it runs ok. Reluctant to pull it up if I don't have to but better now than later.

The only really hard bit now is the wiring, the layout end is ok but I need to see if there are enough spare cores in the multicore for three points and 3 sections, i.e. 9 wires... then I have to find space on the control panel somehow and make it make sense.

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