Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Carriage and wagon works

I haven't had a lot of time to progress anything on the layout recently but have spent a few evenings in the carriage and wagon works and as a result the IoSR has a new brake van and a new bogie coach with a couple of other coaches in the early stages.

The brake van is a duplicate of one I already have but the coaches are Parkside Dundas FR style variations, there will be two fairly standard third class and a brake composite similar to one I already have but better made.

The loco works has also been busy trying to get the new big diesel to run well... so far a total failure. I think its a pick up problem but have so far not had the nerve to completely dismantle the chassis to remedy it.

On a more positive note I'm also nearing completion of another diesel. This one is a four wheeler built on a Hobbytrain V20. This is a very smooth running loco which has a jackshaft between the two sets of wheels. I've used an A1 models cab, the original bonnet and some bits and pieces of plasticard and the box of bits. I can't work out how to join the two body sections together or how to secure the body to the chassis without just glueing it all together which I am loathe to do. However so far I haven't buggered up the running qualities and it looks good too.

One of the new coaches and the four wheel diesel.

The new van on the left with the original on the right with the open door.

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