Thursday, 3 November 2011

Burning Bush and a signal box

I haven't had a chance to start work on modifying the layout yet but I have been working on some buildings for the new section. There will be a pub with a club in the old stables and a signal box. The pub is called 'The Burning Bush' and is based on Skaledale buildings which have been added too and modified to suit.

Inside the club there is a small stage with some performers on it and in the hall part there are some dancers all Preisers. I will add some flashing coloured lights to complete the ambience. There are numerous posters from the 60s of Pink Floyd, Hendrix and the like. Quite a groovy little place.

The signal box is a renovated and modified little Wills job that I had on a previous layout but salvaged from it. It has been 'Stonerised' with a new roof and a stone base with stairs etc. Both models are awaiting the addition of names using Slaters plastic letters.

Both buildings need some weathering to tone down the paintwork which I will do when they have a layout to live on. The only other building which will be on the new board is the cheese factory which will relocate to a more out of town location with it's own siding.

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea of flashing lights in the club! The signal box conversion looks good too, very fitting for the rest of the layout.