Friday, 18 November 2011


I didn't get much time to start with the wiring yesterday, but I did remove all the surplus track and scenery so that    the new arrangement can be laid when the time comes. It was a bit heart stopping taking the Dremel with a small angle grinder doodah to the track and scenery but as they say,'You can't make omlletes without breaking wind.'

As you can see, I've covered the rest of the layout to keep the detritus from spoiling the rest of the scenery. There will be lots to repair anyway, I'm sure.

The platform roads with a kink in will be odd but not un-prototypical. The loop point will be just onto the next board with the goods yard point a little further on. The cheese factory siding will be further on yet. I'm looking forward to starting making rather than destroying but I've a way to go yet.

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