Friday, 2 March 2012

Progress and St Roudly's church

Between the domestic chores I found some time to fiddle with the layout and decided finally to move the cheese factory to somewhere else and to plant the church I made for my Xmas layout. I like the way the church turned out even though it is basically just a Dapol kit. It has Langley stained glass windows so should look nice once it is illuminated. On the subject of which, I added some end bits to the road river bridge and attached some street lights to them.

I've decided that the rail bridge looked a bit enormous for the job so I'll save it for a ravine I have in mind further down the line.

Things are starting to give an idea of what they will look like once this bit is done. The new size of the loop is much more realistic. I cut a replacement bit of track to size to replace the ex cheese siding point and fitted it too. Progress at last.

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