Friday, 18 May 2012

Percy strikes back

Last year Lady Stoner gave me a Tomix Percy for my birthday. It ran very well in one direction but had a limp in the other so I took it apart and then lost interest in it. I then lost it in the pile of crap known as my work bench....

Time passes...

I cleared up the workbench, a bit, last week and found the box of bits with Percy in it. I put him back together again and with a bit of fettling he ran very sweetly. Result. I had intended to use a Chivers Cackler kit for the basis of my conversion and this has gone ahead using the cab and fittings from this kit and some other bits from the big box of stuff. This includes a different saddle tank and smokebox. It has the look of a Corris Falcon on steroids which is a not altogether unpleasant thing. I am again separated from a camera so there are no pics yet but I'll post some next week. I have a few details still to add and I will try to hide the motor which rather fills the cab too but otherwise it is mostly done. It went together very easily which is usually a good sign.

The standard of my newer locos is much higher than some of the earlier ones so a couple of old favourites will appear on evil bay soon. Sad to see them go but I have far too many locos already and there are several kits waiting in the drawer and numerous prototypes I'd like to have a crack at. I'm skint too.

These are the first 2 to go under the hammer. I may have a go at making a new version of Lily the first loco which was vaguely based on IoMR Caledonia.

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