Sunday, 3 June 2012

Double double Fairlie

I couldn't help myself. I've started work on the second double Fairlie. This one is the convertible model with no cab roof. It means I will have to add more cab details but that is half the fun. Progress so far is pleasing, I spent yesterday evening going boss eyed fitting the hand rails. The good thing with these bodies is that there is a mark where the holes need to be so even I can drill them in the correct place and so end up with straight handrails.

The second pictures shows how I've added some styrene strip and a reversing lever to the chassis. When the body is placed on top of the chassis it all fills up the gap underneath the printed firebox top.

In spare moments I've been doodling a signalling plan for St Ruth and my next task is to make another Chris Veitch FR signal and see whether the Veismann signal actuator I have will operate it. I can't see why it shouldn't. I'll make a crank in the bottom of the brass wire that has the signal head soldered to it and then the rod which protrudes from the solenoid should just push it round... famous last words.

I've got some leave coming up so I hope to make some progress on the main layout, it would be nice to get some movement again but there is plenty to do to get that far.

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