Friday, 20 July 2012

Blow me its Blower

I've spent this evening attempting to rebuild Blower. It is a GEM Dennis bodged onto an 08 chassis with a rear pony truck. It has had an unlucky career so far in that even before it was painted a cat had kicked it off a shelf onto a solid wood floor... I rebuilt it after that, the loco not the cat. I painted it and finished it and then the same cat knocked it off of somewhere else. The body was smashed and bent and the chassis stopped working. Disheartened I put the bits in a box and moved on.

Finding that the IoSR now needed some bigger locos to tackle the gradient with bigger trains I got the bits out and straightened and filed and filled and re stuck it back together again. On test it strolled up the hill with 24 ROCOs and a brake van. It needs repainting and the chassis needs fettling but I think it will become a useful mainline loco. I tried it on Underhill but the clearances are tighter so it doesn't fit very well.

Here it is before the second smash.

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