Saturday, 22 September 2012

Finishing things... nearly

I finally got a couple of evenings with nothing important to do and on which I did not go to bed at 8.30. I decided that I should finish off some part done projects, the recently built holiday loco Staithes was top of my list and the 0-8-0 Hunsletish thing and also the Percy bash.

Staithes was ready for the spoiling by paint time but I wanted to give it a colour different to the rest of my locos. I popped down to Porthmadog Models, which is a cracking shop, and purchased a new shade of blue. Once painted I decided that I'd have a go at lining... it looks OKish from a distance but I know and you will agree that it is not square or straight or good enough, however I like the overall effect so it will stay for now.

The 0-8-0 and the Percy bash only needed some more paint and details adding so were finished off quickly in the standard livery of Hull Red. I can't persuade Percy to run very well which is a shame as I like the look of it.

I'm awaiting name and works plates from Narrow Planet to add the final touch.

Three little maids from skool

I also finished off a bogie coach but forgot to take a picture of that so it will have to wait.

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