Tuesday, 2 October 2012

December looms

I had a peek at the 009 society forum this week and saw a post about the Porthmadog Exhibition in December and I read that I had a new layout... blimey. I better get on and finish it then. So with that in mind I've been putting in some hours making some progress on the second board of Underhill. I had a vague idea what I was going do when I made the baseboard but I hadn't really got any further with a track plan or scenery. With some head scratching and looking to see what I already had I decided that the fiddle yard will be hidden by an area of town with a footbridge down to the main board area. In front of the fiddle yard will be the already constructed Nursery. It has a 6mm gauge line of its own with a transfer shed for a 009 siding.

Anyway, I've sorted out buildings and started construction, I built the footbridge from Ratio parts mainly and it looks great. I am going to use the road over bridge which I built for the main layout with some expanded polystyrene rudimentary scenery also fitted.

The other side of the board is where it connects to the other board and this is giving me some headaches so I'm ignoring it at the moment. Scenically I'm going for a plainer area with a couple of sidings being used by the preservation society, it will work as an excuse for parking a silly number of locos in view!

An area of town known as Three Bridges

I feel a bit happier that I'm on the way now so watch this space for progress reports. I need to sort out the track and electrics next... just like the main layout. So, I'll build some more locos probably. I also have some lining to do and some painting and a couple of locos to finish off and a tea van to paint...

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