Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Green engines

I recently got out a loco which had been languishing in the 'kits I buggered up' dept and spent some time unbuggering it and it has come out pretty well. It was a Chivers Sittingbourne and Kemsley 0-6-2 Bagnall, I gave up on it when I first built it some years ago because I mashed the cab and it was so much bigger than my other locos at the time, however now I have a big hill and longer trains so it would be ideal. It sits on an 0-8-0 chassis which I think is a Fleischmann so it isn't a direct model of the prototype but it looks well on it.

I had to de mangle the cab and square it all up and finish the body off to my recent better standards, with some filler and some filing it all came together pretty well. I added pipes from the sand pots and a whistle and some bits and bobs and it looked fine. In sorting out the cab I removed the doors so that the empty cab could be seen but then it looked too vacant so I added a backhead with a few details. The chassis has LEDs which are directional one of which is in the cab so I covered it in a thick layer of orange paint, when running backwards the cab is lit by a satisfying flickering light as if the firehole was open.

I wondered about loco colour and ended up going for 'Snot Green' which is quite similar to the S&KLR locos. I'm pretty happy with this beast but it means that I have too many locos again so I'm going to have a sell off of some surplus rolling stock including my green double Fairlie. I prefer my Hull red open cab version so the green one must go. I also have a rake of MK3 FR quarrymans coaches which I will never run so they can go too. Will put them on evil bay later, I'll see if there is anything else that can go too.

I've also finished painting my new tea van from Neil Rushby. Nice.

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