Friday, 19 April 2013

Preparations and condensations

I decided that seeing as I am making a model of Beddgelert which was an NWNGR loco then she should have something appropriate to couple up to. Perhaps when the IoSR purchased the loco they bought a coach too. In my drawer of unbuilt kits there are many kits but one that has been there for a very long time is the Brass PD Pickering brake composite of the NWNGR. I've been putting it off as I'm not very confident with the soldering iron when it comes to kits; wiring is no problem. I plucked up my courage got the flux and low melt solder out and spent the evening burning my finger tips and swearing as on finished bit fell off as I attached new bit. In the end it has come out ok and I've only lost one of the steps from the end which I can replicate with styrene. The duckets were very fiddly and the instructions were useless, they basically say, ' cut the bits out and solder them together.' could have worked that out myself.

 Missing top step

Roof not stuck on yet

009 Society AGM tomorrow so I've also been packing up Underhill and getting ready for the trip. I'm off to Porthmadog later to get the van and the F&WHR stand then I can pack up the layout ready for an early start. Mrs Lord Stoner also has to go to Liverpool tomorrow so I'm giving her a lift to add some extra stress to the trip.

In the name of my new policy of getting rid of older rolling stock when I buy new, I shall be getting rid of a couple of locos and some coaches and few bits of Eggerbahn that I have randomly collected. Look out for three maroon bogie coaches, a Chris Ward side tank and an A1 models bogie diesel. It came out far too big to suit my rolling stock, shame as it went together rather well and even has a Langley whitemetal diesel plant behind the grills which you can see.

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