Friday, 7 June 2013

Loco building

I haven't had enough time to do much modelling recently but I've been working intermittently on getting a couple of my big locos sorted out. The first  one is 'Blower', the GEM bash with the Farrish chassis. I've been fiddling with the cylinders and rods trying to get it to run properly... fail. It looks better so even if it just ends up parked in a siding somewhere it is an improvement.

The second loco is a Parkside Dundas Hunslet but I've bodged it onto the second of my lovely Fleischmann 0-8-0 chassis. This is all fine but I've buggered up the valve gear on one side so the bloody thing won't run. I hope its not beyond repair as it cost a fortune. I like the look of it and it sits nicely with 'Blower' I'll be cheesed off if it ends up parked next to it not working. Its mostly built as intended but I've made different buffer beams and added a sand pot rather than a generator, it also has a slightly smaller chimney which gives it a slightly more 'Russell' look.

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