Monday, 4 November 2013

Woodwork and wiring

You know the normal way to build a layout is to construct the baseboard and then make the rest of the layout? Well I've tried it the other way now, having built Arnold Lane Wharf and now having fitted a 2 x 1 frame underneath; much trickier this way round. Why have I done it this way round? Because of 2 things: firstly I've fitted some lovely but hugely expensive, DCC Concepts street lamps which protrude under the baseboard so they would get snapped off as soon as the layout moved and secondly: the layout will move when I take it to Warley as part of the F&WHR shops stand.

As part of the illuminations I've also protected the running line with a colour light ground signal. It doesn't really notice much but I know its there.

Another reason for adding the frame is that I will be able to attach some black material to hide the legs, mine and the layouts.

I still have to add some building internal illumination and modify the main lighting rig to include a switch and some night light. I haven't decided how to do this yet, I might go xmas light shopping in Wilcos this lunchtime. They usually have strings of blue LEDs for not much money and they should do the job.


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