Sunday, 19 January 2014

More transfers and some paint

Mrs Lord Stoner had a migraine today so after I'd done some chores I carried on putting numbers on wagons and coaches. I've taken a random approach with the wagon numbers and I seem to have letters instead of 1-30 so they are all in double figures.

The other thing I did was to dig out my Beddgelert and start to get it finished. I'd done the basic colour with car spray a while ago and then sort of run out of momentum. It looks quite good but I need to get some of the spray paint onto a brush to touch up a few cock ups and the cylinders.

It sits on the traditional Minitrix 2-6-2 chassis which was a reasonable specimen purchased from Uncle Brian at NGN last year. As built the whole thing sags backwards if I put the whitemetal cab roof on despite the tank and smokebox being stuffed full of extra weight. I'll do a styrene roof but the balance is all wrong, hopefully the rear truck will help, otherwise adhesion is going to be shite. Next thing is to get the chassis working properly as an 0-6-4.

Its going to be a big beast by IoSR standards but the original has always been my fave NWNG loco. The story here is that when it was worn out in Wales instead of scrapping it, Hunslet renovated it and sold it on to the IoSR.

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