Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Back pain

I've done something unspeakable to my back and we also have relatives staying so I'm a bit buggered for actual modelling at the moment. Instead of doing something actual I decided to design the control panel for Port Lucy which meant settling on a track plan and settling where I want isolating sections and signals. I'm not a signalling expert by any means but I know that I'm also lazy so a few ground signals which work of the point motors and a couple of semaphore starting signals seem ideal to me.

This is the plan roughly. GS is the goods shed and SB is the station building which is on a higher level and connects to the platform via a footbridge. The branch-line to Underhill disappears under the hill and will just be a dead end where the branch train can toddle off to and park up unseen. XS marks where the starter signals are for the mainline and the branch. The branch signal may gain an indicator too.

PM cont X GS means point motor controlled ground signal which will be n gauge colour light indicators run off a switch on the point motor. 

I think that from experience of operating other layouts the isolating sections are in about the right places. Once the track is laid and wired I will obviously need to have some operating sessions (play trains) to make sure it all works.

I hope I've given myself enough space to have some fun and to keep some spare stock about the place. 

The original plan was to include the railway's works as part of the grand plan but it was just too optimistic so will have to be 'off stage' until I work out a way to fit it in. The upshot of this that I won't have any spare carriage sidings or loco shed space. There is room for one loco in St Ruths shed but I have a stupid number of locos (marvelous) and I still have many unmade kits and plans for desirable ones I haven't even thought of yet. 

Anyway, panel designed; I just need to lay the track and wire it up. DCC seems tempting sometimes.

The next thing I have to do is the river scenery which goes under the bridge on the removable section so I can install the bridge and then add the track so I can start working out in either direction from there. Quite exciting... if only I had some time and a back which flexed without making me yelp... Anyway, I've been to the quacks today and they gave me some lovely pink smarties which combined with a couple of glasses of red have made the pain recede. Ibroprofen I love you.

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