Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bridge over troubled mdf

I've done the first bit of scenic work on the new section; I was going to do the track over the bridge but realized that I would need to make the bridge abutments before I glued the bridge in place... this meant that it would also be easier to form the river bank too. It will also be easier to paint the abutments and therefore the scenery. Any old how, I have laid the first four sleepers, the pcb ones glued down to the edges of the removable section and its respective non movable boards.

Bridge resting in place

Another big step this week was the purchase of a 1m LED strip light. Its made by Philips and I got it in Wilcos, they have a new range of LED lighting, all rather expensive but just the job to light the underneath of St Ruth.


The LEDs in place, looking up under St Ruth

Today I've painted the new battery loco after giving it a waft over with primer previously. I decided on dirty black livery and I'm pleased with how it has come out. I've also put the nameplates and makersplates on Ena which arrived in the post from Narrow Planet this week. I've also now added the set to Ani-Frid the ROCO 0-6-0.

There are some excellent pictures on Mick Thorntons photo site, the first one is here. Its very flattering to be featured and Mick makes the layout look great. Lots of other cracking stuff on his site too.

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  1. Thanks for the compliments about my photos of Underhill at Shepton Mallet John but I only make the layout look great because it is great!
    (what is the secret codeword to give to the staff when I visit your shop to get the maximum discount?.............)