Thursday, 2 October 2014

Long journeys and some plaster

I haven't had much chance to get at the layout in the last week or so but I have managed to grab a few half hours here and there. In actual fact half an hour is about all I can do before my back starts to hurt as leaning right into the layout to add plaster is quite awkward.

This was the next phase once it was set, I've also been buying up Skaledale walling from evilbay when I've seen it a reasonable price and you can see it resting in place in the picture above. Also the road has started to be installed. So far all I've done is glue gun some balsa wood cut to roughly the right shape as a start to the road. Not sure how to finish it off as this is supposed to be a very minor lane even by Stoner standards.

The reason I've not been doing much modelling is that I've been off round Britain with the work video camera. Nice as a gricer but as someone who likes to be at home with his family and toy trains less good. I'm not moaning though, I had a nice time and met some nice people.

Firstly at Talyllyn No1s 150th Birthday Party

Then it was off to Devon and a tour round the PECO facilities.

Next was Lyd at the L&B gala

I had a great time at the Talyllyn and it was a privilege to get to ride in the Victorian train behind both original locos. Everything looked brilliant and it was a fun day out.

Dave Malton took me on a tour round the PECO behind the scenes which was fascinating. The tool making and manufacturing side of the business are absolutely fascinating, I strongly suggested to them that they should do an article in the Railway Modeller about the process and the plant. I also had a couple of trips around the Beer Highlights Railway which is a surprisingly complicated railway. It is fully signalled and interlocked, very clever. Then I had beer in Beer as it was my 50th birthday.

The real purpose of the trip was to video F&WHR loco Lyd performing at the L&B gala. A very pretty little railway and I hope that they can get an extension moving soon. 

Since I got back I've done some more plaster work including starting to 'ballast' the track. This is my usual approach of smearing plaster everywhere and then smoothing it out and wiping away the surplus.

I've also done the last plastering in the station so I've planted the buildings.

It will soon be time to start adding colour and greenery, can't wait.

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