Wednesday, 11 March 2015

More brown and another new loco

I spent a happy hour or so in the garage with the paints today and gave the bit I did yesterday a coat of darker brown. On the far end bit which already had 2 browns on it I dry brushed some yellow ochre and then some black to start to build up some depth and get a similar colour to the hill above St Ruth. Starting to have fun now.

This evening I started work on a new loco from Chris Ward: ages ago I sent him a Fleischmann Piccolo 7000 0-4-0 to see if he could design something to fit on it. At the time it was still available new and we sold loads of them to go under Langley Prince kits... Time passes and the wait was worth it as I really like the look of the new 3D printed loco. Described as a scratch aid in the instructions I'd say that was a little harsh as it is pretty much all there.

The kit as it comes and a chassis

The quality of the print is hugely improved from the old machine and once it has another coat of primer and some top coat I'm sure it will need very little work at all. I may change the dome and possibly the chimney to help add some weight but they don't need replacing.

After a couple of hours on the lap tray it was looking like this. The cab roof is still not attached and the footplate and body castings are not conjoined yet. One of the neatest aspects of this loco are the cylinder wrappers which just slide over the n gauge versions and help give the loco some weight. Nice, and I believe they are available as spare parts, I'll be needing a couple of sets to improve the look of a couple of 7000 based locos in the fleet.

The strange T shaped piece you can see in the upper picture is a tray to add 'liquid gravity' to to balance out the weight of the motor. Works very nicely too. I've also ordered some name and works plates from NP, Alice Morgan. If you haven't watched 'Luther' I suggest you do.

With my modified WHHR saloon to give an idea of size


  1. That's a cracker John! Must get one myself to go on the lonely Piccolo sitting in my chassis mountain awaiting a job docket!


  2. I am enjoying the build. It has a sort of Kerr Stuartyness about it.