Monday, 20 April 2015

Rumours of my demise are much exagerated...

I've been very busy at work these last few weeks and have achieved very little railway modelling. I have reconfigured and completely rewired my music corner but that doesn't help the IoSR, except that I had a jolly good clear up and a hoover round.

At work one of the things keeping me busy is the coming and going of our F&WHR PECO wagons. I thought we might sell a few and I'd end up buying up the last few to repaint for the IoSR... well as history records repeatedly, I was wrong. JGF1 went on sale at about 11 am one day and all 50 had gone by the next lunchtime.

Here is my one in a train leaving Underhill
JGF1 having been such a success I have immediately ordered a larger quantity of JGF2s which should be on sale this week. I have had a sample already and took it to the 009 Society AGM where it was admired by many. It and a representative of JGF1 were handed over to the society to go into the archives. I'm proud to say I have left a slight stain on the page off 009 history.
JGF2 works photo
What I have done since my last post is finish Alice Morgan all bar name plates which are on their way. Also the rather splendid EuroNG LKM kit.
At the cheese factory with Eigiau

The LKM has had some weathering since this picture so looks a little more grubby, I haven't gone mad with the weathering as it is a loco in constant use as the cheese factory yard shunter.

At the 009 Society show and AGM I took along a small selection of goodies from Festy towers which was a good excuse to be there and to pick up a few goodies. Mostly bits and pieces but I did get the new Chris ward 3D loco body. It represents the Fletcher Jennings loco which now resides at Amberly. It is a characteristic little chap and will sit very happily on another Minitrains chassis. More on this project when I get a chance to do some work on it.

Here are pictures nicked from the CWR website

Home from home

Apart from shopping it was great to meet up with lots of like minded people and have a natter. As most of my modelling life is virtual it is always good to actually meet the real people behind the user names.


  1. Good to see your keyboard back in action John and good to meet you again (plus the festshop selection!) at Rainford!

  2. Its always a good do, I did feel a bit out the way in the guide hut but beggars can't be choosers.

  3. It was great to finally meet you at Rainford, sorry I didn't get to chat for long