Sunday, 21 August 2016

Post show... beer o'clock

The last time I had a chance to post on here was last Sunday and there was everything to play for. Rough wet plaster and not much more. This last week I have done more railway building than I thought possible in such a short time and I'm pleased to say that I'm pretty happy with most of the results. I've just got in from the show and unpacked the van so I thought I'd have a recap on the last week and some post show analysis.

Starting to come together

Setts in place and some filler sploshed about

Platform road and run round ballasted

More polyfiller

Buildings and walls in place

Fancy pavement and water feature
Looks like winter has come early

Fear not, Aslan soon breathed over Underhill

The thaw begins as colour starts to spread and the sky is blue

Green is springing up everywhere

A test train in the platform

Station Bridge has a road surface and a sign

St George and the dragons church

The last and fiddliest thing - station steps 1

Station steps 2

Station steps 3

The layout needed one more trestle which I finished on Thursday evening
Parrot Cutting gets its name from the Parrot Inn to the left
- Please drink responsibly- not everyone does...
The luxury fiddle yard in action, how have I managed without one?

Eigiau and pre-preservation train passing Town Quarry

A busy time at Underhill Town

Over the gate

All in all I had a most enjoyable time at the show playing trains and virtually everything worked as it should. On the new bit half a point motor failed which I am hoping is just some sloppy soldering on the motor itself as I can get at that easily. If it is on the control panel I will have to rip up the station and road, fingers crossed. The other point motor which seems to be going soft is the one at the entrance to the Cheese Factory sidings but this is now not a great issue.
So quite a bit of finishing things off and finessing to do but on the whole it is ready for Great & Small III 9-11 September and Wigan in early October.

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  1. Blimey......that must have been one heck of a week, John! When I saw the layout at ByG, Underhill Town certainly didn't betray how quickly you'd built it!
    Hope the point motor problem cam be easily solved.....
    It's a pity I can't get to Great and Small, perhaps next year?