Monday, 26 September 2016

Preparing for the road to Wigan

Wigan is less than a week away so I had to stop buggering about with scenery, flip the layout over and find out why I had two semi functional point motors. My biggest worry was that either I would have to replace the motors themselves or worse still access the back of the control panel by ripping up the scenery above them. None of this would have been terminally disastrous but both would have been tricky and time consuming; not to mention dull.

The guilty failed solder joint
In the end I found a wire off due to a crappy bit of soldering, re-soldering the one joint seemed to sort out both problems which I'm a little wary of but I can't replicate the fault in testing so I guess it is fixed. Most likely it will re-occur just after opening at Wigan.


 Having turned the layout round to get at the electrics I could sort out the detail scenery in Parrot Cutting which included a bit more fencing and a bit of greenery etc.

...and Night

The goods yard
I've also been continuing the tedious and expensive but necessary process of replacing the PECO couplings on the RTR stock. The stock is too nice not to use but the plastic coupling loops are not fit for use on the Isle of Stoner Railway. I think I've just got the SR liveried coaches and an SR van to do now.

Obvious missing point rodding - a future project along with signals


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  1. I do like the 'night' scene. Unfortunately it will be a while before I manage to do similair on my line...