Sunday, 26 August 2018

Siding sliding

It has been a busy week at work so I didn't get out to the layout very much but I did get some virtual modelling done in my head. One thing I did do was to marry up the fiddle yard from the exhibition version to the new version... basically it will need considerable work as it was round the other way and had to lines entering it before. Not the end of the world as it should all be re useable.
The fiddle yard

Having started wholesale dismantling of the old beach board I have tried this building next to The Parrot Inn. I really like it and so the bakery has crossed the street which also scales better there.
I had originally planned to have the siding for the lighthouse coming from a point immediately by the join to the fiddle yard but looking at the whole picture I decided that it would be better as it has ended up in the picture below. I have also moved the mainline a couple of inches onto the board which will help the fiddle yard alignment and also allow the back scene to have a space behind it so that the light switches can be operated.

Points installed and all wired up - needs a small control panel now

The view past the pub to the lighthouse

Lighthouse halt

Oh, and I wiggled the light over the gents and it came back on... hurrah.

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