Thursday, 9 August 2018

The road less travelled

After getting a blister on my thumb from the appropriately named hot glue gun, I had a bit of sulk and didn't do much. However I had a couple of hours this morning with time to kill so I popped out to the garage.

I realised that somehow I'd managed to cut a wire feeding power to the quarry points so I started the day with some excavation of scenery as I had a feeling that I had snapped a wire in my enthusiasm. It turned out I was correct so after a quick mend, all was well.

Being careful not to glue my sore thumb again, I put the scenery back together again. Back to square one.

The  next thing to do was to start joining the old road to the new bit. I've been hoarding some textured stone set sheets and so I cut those to size and shape and with a few more squirts of glue gun it was done.

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