Friday, 21 October 2011

Bored now!

I've decided that instead of the way St Ruth was originally going to connect to the rest of the forthcoming layout (point round the back) I'm going to do away with the round and round circuit and make St Ruth a proper terminus. Of course it will still form an end on junction with the branch to the lighthouse but that will come straight into the new bay platform.

I've made a plan of how things will be. The cheese factory will re locate to past the end of the loop and there will be access to the goods yard from this end too, otherwise you would have to shunt all goods trains up the branch and back them in. It will result in a longer platform loop too so I will be able to run my larger rolling stock and have slightly longer trains.

It will mean that I won't be able to take St Ruth to anymore exhibitions but to be honest it has been quite traumatic doing so. I will design Port Lucy to be removable and add a fiddle yard... one thing at a time though.

1 comment:

  1. That seems like a good way of doing things, John. I can see why you would want to do away with the roundy roundy if access to the back is difficult at home, and the extension should add some potential for nice scenery.

    Look forward to seeing what happens.