Tuesday 30 August 2011

Carriage and wagon works

I haven't had a lot of time to progress anything on the layout recently but have spent a few evenings in the carriage and wagon works and as a result the IoSR has a new brake van and a new bogie coach with a couple of other coaches in the early stages.

The brake van is a duplicate of one I already have but the coaches are Parkside Dundas FR style variations, there will be two fairly standard third class and a brake composite similar to one I already have but better made.

The loco works has also been busy trying to get the new big diesel to run well... so far a total failure. I think its a pick up problem but have so far not had the nerve to completely dismantle the chassis to remedy it.

On a more positive note I'm also nearing completion of another diesel. This one is a four wheeler built on a Hobbytrain V20. This is a very smooth running loco which has a jackshaft between the two sets of wheels. I've used an A1 models cab, the original bonnet and some bits and pieces of plasticard and the box of bits. I can't work out how to join the two body sections together or how to secure the body to the chassis without just glueing it all together which I am loathe to do. However so far I haven't buggered up the running qualities and it looks good too.

One of the new coaches and the four wheel diesel.

The new van on the left with the original on the right with the open door.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Hudson Coach and New Diesel paint jobs

I'm pretty pleased with the Hudson open coach in the end, it has a livery of Snot Green and Bleached Bone. I'm still having a bit of trouble making the bogies run smoothly but this is only a bit of fiddling, otherwise a very nice kit.

The diesel looks ok too and now it will get some weathering to make it look a bit less new.

Sunday 14 August 2011

Spoiling by painting

I've been busy on the real railway in the last week so haven't done much to the layout, however I've painted the Hudson coach in it's first coat and made it look dreadful in a brown colour, I think I'll change that to something nicer. I ended up fitting BEMO couplings in the end; I think the 3D printing texture is too rough to work well. I've several more pairs to experiment with and hope to do so over the next couple of days which are my weekend.

I've also been adding some details to the new 0-6-0 diesel - slightly wonky had rails as predicted and a few other odds and sods to make it look a bit less 'clean'. Needs some more spoiling with paint and then I can weather it to cover up the bad paint work.

At the exhibition I also acquired a second Lilliput 0-4-0 diesel for a bargain price but I'm not sure what fate awaits it... watch this space.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Calm after the storm

All back safely and plugged in and working... including the bits that had stopped working at the exhibition. However I've managed to snag a few wires underneath and this has turned off the lights in the town hall and the new cafe so they need the attention of my soldering iron. I had a mammoth tidy up and in the process I've found that I have a spare street light so I can add an extra one on the new baseboard.

The weather today has been truly abominable, with gale force wind and torrential rain so instead of going for a walk with the family and the dog I've made the first of the Hudson open coaches. It looks very nice and went together very sweetly. I've tried some of the trial couplings that I've received from Tom on the NGRM forum, they are a prototype of a chopper style coupling that is designed to be compatible with BEMO style and N gauge style and look more prototypical too. They are made by the magic of 3D printing so the surface is a little rough but can be smoothed by sanding them. I haven't tried them with any of my rolling stock yet but on first inspection they seem a little long for this job. More to follow on this.

Complete coach but with the roof not stuck on to aid painting.

Close up (slightly fuzzy) of the coupling. Certainly would look better if it were shorter between where it joins the bogie and the first ridge.

Sunday 7 August 2011

Exhibition all over

Had a fun day at the exhibition, I was next to Loch Ewe Harbour so it was good to chat 009 with the great and the good.

The layout behaved itself pretty much... well the old bit did, I had a variety of problems which limited the usefulness of the extension but nothing which a few minutes with the soldering iron and some quiet contemplation shouldn't sort out.

This is StRuth next to the Corris Railway stand. Many thanks to Paul Towers and his team of tea ladies who keep the wheels of industry turning with tea and cakes.

The layout is still in the car as I didn't have the energy last night or the time this morning to take it out. I will put it back in its space and give it some time to settle down before I get back to it.

I bought three of the 009 society exclusive kits for the WHR/FR Hudson open coaches which on brief inspection look very nice so I dare say they will be next on the workbench... and then there is Smallchurch... and Port Lucy and loads of kits in my drawer... RT models new Peckett 0-6-0 on its way...

StRuth in action complete with lighting rig and map and explanation.

Friday 5 August 2011

Ready as it'll ever be!

Well, the layout is all packed in the car ready for an early start. Fingers crossed everything was working pretty well before I packed the stock away and loaded it up. There was about half an inch to spare through the garage door... I hadn't taken the open door's end taking up a couple of inches width.

Anyway. I'm off to bed as there is nothing I can do now but worry.

Nearly finished - phew

Spent the rest of yesterday finishing off some little buildings and the coal staith and fuelling point. Got it all working after the paint, the painted again and got it all working again etc. Anyway Its as close to ready as its going to get.

The puddles are where the paint is still wet but I actually like the effect so may well add a spot or two of gloss varnish to replicate it.

This evening I shall give the whole thing a final clean up and clean of the loco wheels and get the thing into the car ready for the morning. I suddenly thought yesterday that having made ir wider it may not fit out the shed door... but it does with about and inch to spare.

By the way, my wifes choir won their competition!

Thursday 4 August 2011

Busy morning

I've spent all morning painting, weathering and adding greenery, its not looking bad. I'm going to leave it alone for a while now so that everything can dry out. While that happens I've got a shed to rebuild and some coal staithes to make and some coal to crush.

Once those bits have been added its just a question of a jolly good clean up all round the layout (and the shed, looks like a bomb went off in a model shop). Then I can clean locos ready for Saturday and have a play to make sure all is well and works as I hope.

The end of the front siding is the diesel servicing point so I may build a small open sided shelter but not by the weekend, a fuel bowser and some grot will do nicely.

I feel the toaster and the kettle beckoning.

(Pictures later, my wife is singing in Wrexham this afternoon and has kidnapped the camera.)

Late night in the shed

I finally went to bed about 2am today but I got all the wiring done and it all works... now. A couple of wires in the wrong place but nothing some head scratching and a bit of re soldering couldn't put right.

The track is all cleaned up of plaster and works well enough, I started painting but couldn't keep my eyes open any longer so stopped.

One casualty of late night working was the smallest hut which got hoovered up, I've rescued the parts but its all a bit bent.

I've had my toast and coffee so I'm back off to the shed to make some more progress. Looks promising for Saturday.

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Snow in August?

It looks like there has been a fall of snow in St Ruth but actually it is modelling clay and plaster. I've also found a shed ready made that will cover the second point motor which saves time and I've given the other two sheds a first coat of paint. I just have to wait while it all dries out now. Hopefully in time to paint and flock before the exhibition...

There will be fencing along the bank at the front of the layout but probably not by the weekend. I'm determined to not over do the 'stuff' lying around but some coal and bibs and bobs and a couple of piles of 'goods' are what it needs. There s no need to add back scene to this extension as it would always look joined on, some bushes at the cheese factory end and the cafe and garden at the other will have to be enough to draw the eye in.

Hopefully the switches and the point motor bases will come tomorrow and I can complete the wiring after work.

slight progress last night

I got bit done last evening but I was too tired after a long day at work so went to bed instead.

Boundary walls cut to size and glued down, as is the flower shop which backs onto the goods yard. The other building over the road has its light wired in but still has no interior. It is going to be a cafe but I can't find the seats and stuff I know I've got somewhere which would do the job.

I've got at least one shed to build and including that one three to paint then all the buildings are sorted. I got the cheap DAS type material I use for roads yesterday (good old Wilkos) so I might have a crack at that first. I'm off to my shed...