Saturday 8 December 2012

Been there, done that

Well, I did it and so did Underhill. I wasn't sure yesterday evening as I had to use a hammer and a crowbar to separate the two boards and the scenery took on a bit of a different shape. However, I got up early and got to the hall for 8 am to give myself plenty of time to make repairs and all was up and running by 9ish giving time to pop to Spooner's for bacon butty and coffee; result.

I met some old friends and made some new ones which was nice and the layout seemed to go down well with the public especially a couple of children and an elderly lady. I'm sure that says something about my modelling, I'll take it as a compliment but I'm not sure.

I will need to re think the join of the two boards before NGN in March, not sure how yet and to be honest a bit of a break from modelling would be nice.... a day or so anyway.

One of the people I met was Neil Rushby of Rushby's Resins who's little carriage and Darjeeling tea van can be seen above, he very kindly gave me a present of a couple of 'seconds' of the casting for the coach so I think they will be my next project.

Tuesday 4 December 2012


I had a quick play with the layout this evening and took some better pictures which I have put on my photobucket site. But here are a couple of my faves.

Both of these feature Syd with some skips at the cheese factory. Very Isle of Stoner.

The bakers wife looks on as the organ grinder entertains a child and her gran.

Lady Stoner pauses in the halt on the way to Underhill with the branch coaches.

The control panel now has an explanation and a hook for the uncoupler.

Monday 3 December 2012

Tea time and scenery

Bit more progress since lunch, left hand side has joined in and nearly all the structures are glued down. I've also added some detail plant life and so on. Wish I had more time but it is my own fault that I left it all till the last moment... story of my life.

I even had a minute or two to do some testing. Just as well I did as the platform was too close to the track and running boards of coaches and some buffer beams clouted it.

The big brown wall still needs some more work on the paint and the front edge needs some black emulsion and a bit of something to seal the open end of the bridge but it is close enough to ready.

I'll leave it all to set for a couple of days and then try to separate the 2 boards and see what damage that does and whether it joins back up again. Fingers crossed. Loco cleaning time and packing some rolling stock  for the exhibition then.

Lunch time and greenery

Looking more like I imagined and somehow more green. Can't believe it's the same layout that was gloss yellow a couple of days ago.

Still loads of detail to add but the broad sweep is OK.

Now I'm going to sort out the left hand side which is still un-started.

There might just be a nearly finished layout at the exhibition on Saturday...

Blimey it's all shiny!

What I didn't realise was that artists like their acrylics to have a gloss finish! Aargh! I wasn't ready for that. Anyway... So I went to B and Q and bought a selection of tester pots and re did the whole thing in a more matt version. Phew.

I couldn't make myself take a picture of PVC world but here is the more dull version. Time to start sticking some greenery down and to get the track cleaned up and running. Day off today so apart from the domestic chores I've got some time.

Footbridge is painted too.