Tuesday 22 October 2013

Goods shed

A couple of pics of the goods shed, which has been Stonerized. I'll make a sign for it and make some effort at an interior and then the first building will be ready.

This is a very rough section through the layout and the bit of world not modelled. I'm excited about the layout again which is perfect timing for the winter.

Monday 21 October 2013

Port Lucy - Phase 1

I've been doodling plans and having day dreams about getting round to building the second terminus of the IoSR for a couple of years and by way of avoiding finishing anything else I've actually cut the first sod for Port Lucy.

Despite all the planning and ideas I knew that the only way I'd make any headway was to cut out the baseboard to size and lay out some points and buildings. As ever I had been over enthusiastic about what could be done in the space available but I think that by making the station bend round I've ended up with a better looking layout and still fitted everything in that I wanted to.

Last evening I have been continuing work on the Goods warehouse which I got for Xmas last year. It had been intended for the other end of the line in St Ruth but it never fitted in, however it is just the job for Port Lucy.

Rough track plan with some buildings plonked on

Monday 14 October 2013

Lucy in green with handrails

After all the excitement of the weekend I had a day off today so apart from sleeping and washing I found a couple of hours to do some modelling. I decided to finish off the detailing of Lucy my big Hunslet. This was mostly fitting handrails, first I did the curved one around the smokebox door. This has three handrail knobs which for once I managed to get symmetrical. The cab door ones were fantastically fiddly and involved a good deal of swearing and bodging but I got them ok in the end.

Little and large

A bit of rod to operate the sanders and a paint touch up and it was done. I still can't decide on varnish, I tried some satin on Burnmouth and it looks ok but maybe a bit too shiny.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Plates of delight

I am delighted to say that the name and works plates arrived from Narrow Planet today and they are as splendid as ever. This evening Lucy and Burnmouth are no longer anonymous.

They both now need a coat of matt or satin varnish, I'm never sure which is best. My daughter said that Lucy being all shiny was nice and that I shouldn't do anything and I know what she means but varnish I will.

Lucy has also now got glazed spectacles at the front and a representation of the sliding rear ca windows as fitted to WLR no14. Thanks to Andrew Charman for the picture confirming that detail. All that remains after the varnish is a set of cab hand rails and one on front of the smokebox.
Burnmouth is pretty much complete, I may add a reversing lever rod to fill out the footplate a little, maybe not.

A little shunting down on the wharf

A while ago a noticed a new little chassis on the Plaza Japan eBay site and took a punt on one as it was only about 25 quid delivered from Japan. It is a funny little thing quite long and low; I had no idea what to do with it at first but I was bored over the weekend (X Factory on the tv!) so I doodled an inspection car onto it using bits and bobs from the big box of bits. I added a resistor to the chassis as its only a 3 or 4 volt motor too.

It has a Hudson Hunslet radiator and some A1 models brass grills, a PD FR van 10 end and a whitemetal cast platform seat. Odd looking thing.

Saturday 5 October 2013

More paint

Again not much to say except that the painting is pretty much finished, I've noticed a couple of little touch ups which need doing. I've put some coal in the bunker 'glue and glaze' in the spectacles and head and tail lamps have appeared, plates are on order and a crew is standing by to climb aboard. A waft over with some varnish will finish the whole thing off. Runs beautifully and fits in nicely with its stable mates.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Some paint

Not much to say, other than I decided to use brushes to paint Burnmouth because it was the path of least resistance. I've done a first coat of the three main colours so here a couple of pics just as a record.

The cab roof hasn't been touched yet but the whole thing is starting to come together.

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Not going to the convention

Well, I hope everyone had a nice time at the 009 society convention, unfortunately due to a previous family commitment and work pressure I couldn't go, not that I'm bitter. I am actually.

Anyway while everyone else was having fun I did grab a few minutes to do some modelling and continued working on Burnmouth. It has now had coal rails, a coat of primer and a nice GWR whistle fitted. I used some Maskol on the handrails and the brass safety valve cover. The purple gunky stuff had been lurking, untried in my workshop for ages, like the airbrush. It strikes me that it is Copydex with some colouring in it. Anyway the results are fine, it needs another waft over with primer and then I can spoil it properly with paint. I think I'm going to go for IoSR loco livery, Hull Red but I may need to try out the lurking airbrush. I'll try it on something else first though.


In the background of the second picture you can see the other thing I've done which is to give Nursie a proper chimney and a bit of a spruce up. I've been meaning to change the chimney for ages and I came across just the right one while looking for something else.

One other project occupied a part of yesterday evening which was working out why one of the point motors had given up working in one direction. I finally tracked it down to a wire having been pulled off the motor itself, unfortunately this meant having to disassemble the building with it in which took not a little brute force. However, wire re soldered and point motor working again the building went back together without too much distress, I may make a new roof for it though as I don't really like the Wills moulded one.