Tuesday 27 September 2011

Crikey, that is small!

I spent most of yesterday burning my finger tips on the smallest loco I have ever made, and the first all soldered construction. I have been used to soldering audio leads all my life so the iron holds no terror for me but for some reason I've never taken the plunge and soldered a kit before. It is a Brian Madge Ruston LB and  would recommend the kit to anyone with reasonable eyesight and soldering skills. http://www.madge00n3.co.uk/rustonlb.htm

I've basically finished the body except for the ballast weights which go at the front and rear, Brian recommends solder paste for these and I don't have any so they will have to wait. (weight....? No...? anyway) I've made a bit of a dogs breakfast of the chassis which should have been the simple bit to make as it is part built when you get it. I have made it run, just about but have decided that a KATO Portram chassis will fit nicely underneath and allow a completely empty cab. I've put as much weight as I can inside the bonnet and a test assembly suggests that it will make a cracking little loco.

No pictures yet because I left the camera at work again but watch this space.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Painted carriage and van

I've finished painting one of the new bogie coaches and the mess van and I'm quite pleased with both of them. The colour I found for the passenger carriages is another Games workshop acrylic called Dark Angels Green, it has gone on pretty well.

The other two are nearly done and I think the rake will look smart when they are all done.

The mess van needs a good weathering to make it look a bit more used but the basic idea is there and will make a nice rear vehicle on a works train. I haven't put a coupling on the balcony end because they look so lumpy, I may find I need to add this in time.

Looks a bit Heywood in brown and with the roof cut outs.

Saturday 3 September 2011

Carriages and a mess van

I've been completing my new rake of coaches this week but got a bit bored and so had a rummage in the unmade kits drawer and found a Parkside Dundas 4 wheel freelance coach... never being one to build a kit as the manufacturer intended I decided to add a balcony at one end and make a mess van for the Isle of Stoner track gang. Inside I've put a stove, a work bench and some seating and storage. The roof has been extended over the balcony and I've filed a semi circular cut out in the roof so the gangers don't bang their heads as they climb aboard.

Both passenger saloons are finished and the brake composite is nearly there, all four  new vehicles have entered the spoiling by painting stage. Pictures to follow when much remedial work has been done. I haven't decided on a final colour for the new rake, I did consider snot green and cream but it looks a bit too FR. Might be a paint buying visit to Porthmadog Models tomorrow lunch time assuming the rain has stopped by then; they have a very good range of paints including the games workshop acrylics which I have been using recently.