Saturday 8 August 2020

Out to lumch

Since my last ramble on here I've been quite busy on the layout and the laptray. So, not necessarily in strict chronological order... 

With Narrow Planet's etchers cautiously back in operation 'Wendy' now has her nameplates

'Dolcogh' has been weathered and has crew aboard. The are very nice 3d prints which I found on evilbay. My usual Preiser crew looked daft as the size of this loco and the size of crew are well known. I painted the crew and was surprised to find that I had inadvertently made a model of Tal y Llyn ex GM, Chris Price.
Sadly, the driver can't really be seen, but I know he's in there.
I decided that I shouldn't let the stack of rolling stock kits building up on my shelf just gather dust so I made a start and put together the pair of Tom Bell kits, a cattle wagon and another of the little brake vans. Once again they went together pretty well with a bit of cleaning up. The only difference I made to previous kits was to use the PECO NEM pockets and their couplings to suit. Quite simple but not really an advance from BEMO ones.

Also on the slightly diminished, shelf of shame were a pair of Colin Ashby four wheelers which I had acquired by asking on the NGRM forum if anyone had a couple going begging. These kits, although fairly long in the tooth, go together very well and make nice not exactly FR bug boxes. I decided that when it came to finishing, I'd do one in cream and green to go with the other one but I'd do one in unpreserved green and slightly rotten. I really like the tatty one and it has a place with a few other similar grotty vehicles.

The layout has had a few bits and bobs done too, the most major thing is the relaying of some of the road surface in Underhill. It was always a bit of a rush job which I did when initially building the layout in a hurry. I ordered some embossed, printed brick paper from a bloke in Greece and eventually it arrived. It would probably make good walls but I only wanted it to use as a sort of stone sett. I also replaced the pavements with Metcalffe individual paving stones. It was a long winded job but the result is so much better.
Rock Beach now has a Fromage et Fritte van at the market which is an Oxford diecast Citroen H van. It came in a revolting shiny green colour so I dismantled it, stripped it and gave it a paint in good old, Halfords grey primer. I had intended to paint it further but realised that it was exactly the right colour as it was.
A couple of nice Eggerbahn blue clerestory coaches have joined the heritage collection, I've always liked them and now I have a pair, probably need another one to complete the train.
The restaurant car had a trip out but looked rather sad in its drab green and dust livery so I bit the bullet and dismantled it for a tart up and a repaint. Obviously based on the classic Dundas models DM40, I somehow managed to make one side shorter than it should be so it never really fitted together properly.
The interior had survived pretty well with only a shelf having come loose. I was always proud of the diners and the kitchen which is basically all made of Preiser products; I don't think my eyes would be up to it these days as there are individual cutlery pieces etc on the tables. 

I added details to the end and the roof to bring it more in line with my PECO L&B coaches and also some under floor truss rods etc.
The windows are now divided into smaller panes which is in keeping with other DM40 I have. Also replaced is the door furniture so now it has brass handrails and so on.
Something I've learned is that the detail on the roof is some of the most important as we always see the trains from above, so it gained some torpedo vents and rainstrips.

Not quite finished as it will have a brass etched 'Restaurant' sign and fleet number transfers. I think the roof could do with another coat of paint too, otherwise job done. Another useful addition to the carriage fleet.

I have three of the Chris Ward 'Townsend Hook' alikes and so when I saw that EDM were going to sell their 3D print in 4mm scale I had to have one. In a circuitous way it's my fault they make them at all. The EDM version is true to scale and so is slightly longer but with shorter tanks, it also isn't designed to suit any particular chassis. I may have to have a go at building one... one day.