Monday 21 November 2011

Mixed, why?

I forgot to say that it was a mixed weekends modelling because a)  I made some models I was pleased with and b) stabbed myself in the thumb end with a knife which I wasn't pleased with. Doh!

Sunday 20 November 2011

Building buildings

The weekend has been a bit of mixed result on the modelling front. I've given the new signal box a garden and a window box so that the signalman has something to do between trains.

The greenery is a mixture of Busch and Auhagen, I'm looking forward to planting the box at the Junction.

The other, more major project was the extension to the Cheese factory. Previously it was on the edge of the layout so I assumed that there was some more factory 'off stage'. It will now be all visible so the rest had to be added; I've used a PIKO police station kit as the basis and added various other bits and bobs from my large collection of stuff that will come in handy one day.

New section is obviously not painted yet but is pretty much done. I also found a smoke unit so have stuck that in for a bit of fun.

Friday 18 November 2011


I didn't get much time to start with the wiring yesterday, but I did remove all the surplus track and scenery so that    the new arrangement can be laid when the time comes. It was a bit heart stopping taking the Dremel with a small angle grinder doodah to the track and scenery but as they say,'You can't make omlletes without breaking wind.'

As you can see, I've covered the rest of the layout to keep the detritus from spoiling the rest of the scenery. There will be lots to repair anyway, I'm sure.

The platform roads with a kink in will be odd but not un-prototypical. The loop point will be just onto the next board with the goods yard point a little further on. The cheese factory siding will be further on yet. I'm looking forward to starting making rather than destroying but I've a way to go yet.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Work starts on rebuild

I've finally grasped the nettle and started work on the rebuilding of St Ruth. Having removed all the people, details and buildings from the area to be changed I've made a big enough mess that there is no going back.

The red lines indicate where the sidings will be cut to allow the platform roads to take a natural path around the branch line above. I've just laid some bits of track and some plasticard onto the layout to give the impression of what must be done.

Next phase is to remove the control panel umbilical cord. This will mean turning the layout on its back and unsoldering all fifty cores so that I can add a brand new control panel when the new work is done. I will be removing several points from the rear and relocating new ones on the extension board so the old panel which has been wrong from the start can be replaced.

When this is done I will have to trim the right hand back scene down so that it just becomes a former in the landscape, I predict this will be tricky as the only way I can think of doing it will be by using a jig saw.

Monday 14 November 2011

Peggy enters service

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the makeover of Peggy. All that is needed is some coal in the bunker and some subtle weathering, steam locos are well looked after on Stoner.

The larger coaches, which are modified Parkside Dundas VoR stock, really suit the size of Peggy which is another good reason to get on and lengthen the loop and remove the insane curve from the route. At the moment Peggy with her larger coaches just lock buffers coming round the corner by 'The Parrot Inn'.

Saturday 12 November 2011

Displacement activity

To avoid starting to rip St Ruth to bits I've been building/modifying a new/old loco.

I've had a ROCO 0-6-0 tender loco for a few years now and had sort of Anglicized it but I'd never been happy with the result and my passing loop is too short to use tender locos so...

Change from this:

To this so far:

I've started the spoiling by painting phase now and I've chosen Dark Angel Green which I think will look quite smart. More to follow.

I think the tender is destined to be a snow plough, although snow is a very rare thing on the Isle of Stoner.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Burning Bush and a signal box

I haven't had a chance to start work on modifying the layout yet but I have been working on some buildings for the new section. There will be a pub with a club in the old stables and a signal box. The pub is called 'The Burning Bush' and is based on Skaledale buildings which have been added too and modified to suit.

Inside the club there is a small stage with some performers on it and in the hall part there are some dancers all Preisers. I will add some flashing coloured lights to complete the ambience. There are numerous posters from the 60s of Pink Floyd, Hendrix and the like. Quite a groovy little place.

The signal box is a renovated and modified little Wills job that I had on a previous layout but salvaged from it. It has been 'Stonerised' with a new roof and a stone base with stairs etc. Both models are awaiting the addition of names using Slaters plastic letters.

Both buildings need some weathering to tone down the paintwork which I will do when they have a layout to live on. The only other building which will be on the new board is the cheese factory which will relocate to a more out of town location with it's own siding.