Saturday 30 January 2016

Colour and texture

Because I'm up against it time wise I've been cracking on with getting the layout advanced so I've been splashing paint and glue about over the last couple of days.

The first area to start looking as I have envisaged is the bit between the railway and the fishermen's cottage. The beach is probably the trickiest bit to get right so I started there by gluing down a layer of chinchilla dust and then adding areas of larger size sand and O gauge ballast.

This evening I made a start on adding some greenery and some other more subtle painted colours on the track and so on. The only bit of plaster white left is the road in front of the pub which will get a cobbled surface made with DAS clay.

The halt has gained a gravelled platform surface and the edging stones have been whitewashed. All in all not bad but plenty more to do.

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Onwards and upwards

I am happy to say that I have made enough progress this week to be confident that Underhill will be in an exhibitable state by the middle of February at the Slate Museum exhibition.

The new Bagnall posing with a train at the halt

The backscene MDF in place

I think this will be a good place for pictures

The track is 'ballasted'

Today I started putting some basic colour on

In the workshop I realised the Bagnall looked wrong but couldn't work out why and then I realised the cylinders needed painting. As a result it looks much better balanced. I've also finished the Robex flying bench I got from Shapeways a while ago. It has holes to add the canvas roof and I may do another one with a lid but this one will stay open.

Saturday 23 January 2016

Plastered again

I grabbed a half hour earlier and poked a bit more plaster about today.

That's the big cutting and new bit behind the cheese factory. Track next, brown paint and then 'ballast'.

Also the Bagnall now only needs glazing and nameplates to be finished.

Thursday 21 January 2016

Making progress finally

I spent the day working on the scenery on the new bit and made some gratifying progress.

I started by cutting to size and gluing and screwing the end piece of timber in place. This meant that I could construct the rear of the big cutting.

I started coating the plaster bandage with ready mixed plaster and subsequently bedded the buildings into the wet plaster. I have a pet hate of buildings floating above the ground on otherwise good models.

In other news, the new Bagnall has it's basic paint on and looks good. I have name plates on the way but I am wondering about trying out some lining. I have various colours to try. Hmm...

Thursday 14 January 2016

Bagnall begins

Finally I have got back on the modelling bike, having fallen off it at Christmas. A couple of days ago I sprayed the body of my new Narrow Planet Bagnall kit which was my Christmas present to myself but which had languished unloved in it's box.

It follows the usual NP format of having a 3D printed core with etched overlays which add detail and strength.

I've opted to make the version with the fully enclosed cab as it will hide the motor better.

Talking of the motor, I have managed to disconnect one of the wires from the motor which might be a bit fiddly to resolder. 

One thing the instructions don't make clear is how to attach the body to the chassis which might require some fiddle arsing about too.  The basic bodywork is done which will need some filing and filling and then it will be time for the details to be added. Nice little loco on the way, just need to get the layout finished enough for the February exhibition in the slate museum.