Monday 30 July 2018

Wires and so on

Once again time has run away with me but I have been modelling, although not as much as I'd like.
In line with my clearing up un-finished and indeed un-started projects I've completed the third of my CWR Fletcher Jennings o-4-os. This one is called Puck with the others being Oberon and Titania. I've finished this one in lined dark green which I'm quite pleased with. The lining is from n gauge BR orange and black so it looks right on the dark green. It's just waiting for name plates to finish it off.
Another new addition to the fleet is a lovely Bachmann Baldwin. I finally plumped for a weathered Hummy. My original intention was the very pretty maroon Peggy but having been fortunate enough to have one of each on the layout I decided that the hard working look suited the quarry traffic. It is such a beautifully finished loco that I've not done much to it, It will have Clarice name plates rather than Hummy but so far all I've done is a little additional weathering, a bucket, a jack and a rolled up weather sheet and crew.

I've finally rewired the controls for the Town Quarry board so that they are on a control panel that can be mounted at the front of the layout once it is installed in the garage. I'm hoping to get this done soon and then I will actually be able to play trains again.

The control panel with nothing attached

Work under way

The finished article
Fingers crossed it works first time, I can't see why it shouldn't. Once it is installed I can add the new section of track between this board and the station throat at Underhill and I will have some railway to work on. After that I have to cut down the beach board by about a third and add a curved section at the far end so that it can connect to the fiddle yard. I'm quite excited about the prospect of actually having a working layout at home.