Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Destruction begins again

I had some time in the garage today and have taken the bull by the horns and dismantled the control panel leaving the 50 way umbilical attached to the layout with bare ends where the panel was. Fortuitously I made comprehensive notes on the wiring of this layout so taking it apart and then remaking it should be simple... hum.

I've been scratching my head about the new control panel, I don't know whether to use a track diagram with the switches built in as the previous effort or to make something more compact with switches in rows more akin to a lever frame.

This is the new layout as a diagram. The switches could be laid out in a row which would make it easier to attach to the front edge of the layout. Now it won't be ever operated from anywhere but the front it can be attached permanently without need for the umbilical.

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