Saturday, 14 July 2012

Contact has been made

I grabbed a couple of hours yesterday evening and finally joined the track in the station at St Ruth to the mai line so a train can now run all the way from the lighthouse to the loop at Smallchurch... well it could if it was all wired up. I did run a train from the loop points to the St Ruth king points and it made me smile. The bridge is tempoarily installed over the creek and it looks great, I forsee this being a good place to photgraph rolling stock once the scenery is done.

I did a couple more load test trains and Doris just about managed to haul a train of 23 loaded ROCO skips up the hill, when I added a Parkside brake van it proved too much, however with the Lilliput 0-4-0 diesel coupled on the front it strolled up the hill. It makes a nice change to see prototypical length trains which don't dominate the landscape.

Next thing really has to be wiring it all up and then I can do some proper testing, or playing trains as I call it. Can't wait.

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