Sunday, 1 July 2012

Making tracks

I got up early this morning and instead of wating the time I went out to the garage and started laying some track on the new section. I started from the first length outside the top loop points at Smallchurch and got round the big bend and on towards the scenic break at the top of the hill. I layed about 3 metres, the curve might need some fettling around where the top join ended up but apart from that game on.

Hopefully I will be able to add the next length which should take me onto the level and wire it up for testing tonight. Hopefully I've not over done the gradient and I can carry on with the rest of the line... if not I have to rip up the track and do some more woodwork. Gulp.

Yesterday evening I started work on my latest loco which is another Chris Ward 3D printing job. This time his 'Side Tank' which has something of the Henshle about it. This ties in with the IoSR having some left over German stock from the WW2 invaision.

Pictures of both things to follow.

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