Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back from me hols

I've been away on family holidays to Yorkshire this last week and we had a very nice time, staying self catering in Staithes on the coast just north of Whitby. It is a small fishing village which is built round the tiny harbour and up a steeply sided valley away towards the moors, very picturesque. What stuck me about it was that it needed a narrow gauge railway terminating on a quayside just to complete the picture.

So this has become the plan for the terminus at Port Lucy. The idea was pretty much along these lines anyway but Staithes has provided a wealth of lovely buildings and a believable geological setting.

Red Scribble gives an idea of where the station would be with a station building where the blue windowed warehouse is with steps down to the platform.

Mostly we had lovely weather but one day was foul so out came my touring modelling box and I made the most of the time I had to start a Varikit bash... it ended up only using the footplate/bufferbeam casting with bits and bobs from that magnificent box of bits donating the rest. I've ended up with a sort of Hunslet/Manning Wardel 0-4-0 which I rather like. It sits on a Fleischmann 0-4-0 chassis which although second hand runs rather sweetly; even after my butchery with razor saw and files etc.

Still a few bits and bobs to finish it off, thank god for filler, but mostly there. Will be named 'Staithes' in honour of its birthplace.


  1. Nice little loco, that. The legendary Don Boreham always used to recommend using holidays to get some modelling done. He claimed he would sit in a beach hut making carriages out of cardboard (as was his technique) while the women folk got on with the tiresome business of entertaining the kids....

    1. My women folk were catching crabs latterly... in a nice way. Glad you like it.