Friday, 26 October 2012

Woodwork and wiring

I haven't had much time for modelling in the last few weeks but I have grabbed a couple of hours here and there and so Underhill now has on set of legs for the terminus board and I know what to do to make the second set for the cheese factory end. I had a few false starts and spent quite a while swearing at myself and my dire woodworking skills but in the end I've made something which is quite stable.

This has ended up with baseboard height being slightly higher than I have used previously at about 1m. Hopefully this means that I won't end up with chronic back ache as I have with layouts lower down. Hopefully its not too high.
The cheese factory end has not been ignored and the wiring is done at the track end so now I need to make a control panel and wire that in. The tricky part is working out how to make the electrical connection between the boards, I know what to connect only I forgot to leave space for another connector on the first board. Doh!
Because of the way of I've made the baseboards, all the wiring has to run on the surface, this looks a mess until covered with plaster etc. It worked fine on the first board so I'm sure all will be well.

The name plates arrived from narrow Planet and they are fab as ever.

Fairlie with the new bogie coach made on holiday



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