Monday, 22 April 2013

14BA, that really is small

At the AGM I spent a few quid on bits and pieces but the best investment so far was a small pack of 14BA cheesehead screws. It turns out that the GF 04 chassis that I've used under Nancy uses 14BA threaded bolts to hold on the coupling rods so I have now been able to cut the new screws to length and attach the piston rods. It works like a dream. It still has a slight limp which I think must be a quartering issue but it runs well enough to use. It needs finishing off now so it can join the fleet. There are some lovely name and works plates on their way from Narrow Planet and these will be the icing on the cake.

Talking of Narrow Planet, I spent the afternoon with the NP touring massive. We had a poke round Boston Lodge after they had had a ride on the train in the morning. They then had a quick walk in the fog up in Dinorwig and then came over for a play on Underhill and lots of chat. It was nice to meet up with them all again and see my layout working without me working it.

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