Monday, 8 April 2013

A small mountain

I spent a pleasant few hours yesterday evening preparing and painting a Chris Ward 3D printed Moel y Gest. It is a tidy little machine which now lives at Boston Lodge as the works shunter and the model looks the part. Narrow Planet have done a set of plates for it which includes a lovely Hunslet radiator badge which as you can see from the photos I have completely clogged up with paint, but that can be remedied easily enough.

This one will sit in the shop window at Harbour station once I've finished off the painting and added some light weathering.

Apart from that the last week has seen the construction of a couple of cattle wagons and the renovation of an old one on which I had obviously broken the chassis parts and bodged it back together when I first built it. This time I used the chassis parts from a Parkside Dundas Irish wagon and now it looks much better, one of its cows had broken loose too so I pulled the roof off and re attached her. The new wagons are a Ninelines W&L cattle van to match the restored one and a PD Irish van which comes out about the same size, they will go with my bogie sheep wagon and another PD van to make up the weekly market train. I've got a converted VoR brake van that goes nicely with them.


I haven't had a lot of luck with the new loco's chassis or for that matter the Percy bash that I stripped down and rebuilt. They both run but not to the standard I would hope for. Day off tomorrow so I'll try to get some time to attend to them.

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