Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I've made some progress with Beddgelert and Nancy this evening so I've taken a couple of pics.

I've added more pipework to Beddgelert including a curly bit which I suspect is something to do with the injector... anyhow, there it is. I've also filled the front of the loco with as much Liquid Gravity as I can fit in and this has helped balance the loco better. A styrene cab roof, or maybe a beer tin one, will help more but even so it still is a bit back heavy. I may be able to cram some more weight into the tank sides, so all is not lost. I've come to the conclusion that the bunker behind the cab must have been open on the top as it would be a weird design feature otherwise. I'm going to add some coal rails too as I think they would look nice; very technical.

The chimney needs some more drilling out and in a couple of the photos of the real thing I've found it seems that a bucket of sand on the front buffer beam was a feature. A whitemetal one will add some more weight at the front too. I'll have a go at getting the chassis going again tomorrow.

Nancy has gained a crew and some lamps, she awaits her nameplates which are coming from the fabulous Narrow Planet and some cab window surrounds. I'll have a go at making some as I can't find anything appropriate. I read about using copper wire wrapped round something of suitable diameter then snipped and soldered then squashed flat. Sounds fiddly. 

The chassis is the other problem, I can only believe that the severe limp has something to do with quartering, I'll take it with me to the 009 AGM and hope that someone clever can sort it out.

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