Friday, 26 April 2013

Slate Quarry discovered in my garage

Having a tidy up in the workshop end of the garage I opened an aluminium camera case to see what was in it and found, to my delight a half built layout.

The track plan is simple but reflects all the main processes of the slate quarrying industry with the adit at the rear, a dressing shed and a sinc with a siding for waste tipping. I now have an even bigger excuse to get one of those lovely tiny Brian Madge quarry Hunslets. With King of the Scarlets due for delivery to Spooners in ex-quarry condition I guess that she would make a good candidate. In the mean time it will be a good home for some of my tiny diesels and slate wagons.

It will make a nice change from big layouts and adds another of the IoSR scenes. I'll have to think of a good name for the operation now. Box Quarry? Case Quarry?