Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Small knobs

Tonight I moved a few steps nearer blindness by fitting the handrails to Beddgelert. There are 3 knobs on each side of the tank and three over the smokebox door. They are soooo small and fiddly. Threading a needle is nothing compared to getting the brass wire through the little hole in the knob.

I'm pretty pleased with the spacing and symmetry of the knobs, I always get them a bit lop-sided and to be totally honest the drivers side rail droops slightly at the cab end. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable. I've also fitted some more liquid gravity into the water tank and without the cab roof it balances quite well. Styrene is the answer.

Nancy now has a bunker full of coal and all the paintwork touched up. I also glazed the cab windows with glue n glaze. Runs nicely now too.

I spent quite a bit of time writing an article for the 009 news about the history of the IoSR, I've also found some pictures to illustrate it, some I needed to take new.

 A replica early 1880s IoSR train

Traffic jam at Three Bridges


  1. Very nice. I've always like the look of Beddgelert - makes me think of Linda & Blanche on steriods. Would rather see that replicated before an NWGNR single fairlie.

    1. I agree, whenever we have the fantasy 'next loco to build' conversation I vote for Beddgelert. Imagine the chuff you'd get; like you say like the ladies but butcher.

      I don't know what colour to go for, I guess the real thing was a sort of red/lake so maybe that. I'm going to have a go at spraying it, I've got a Halfords primer in a can and bought an airbrush ages ago so should get that out and see what sort of mess I can make with that.