Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spot the deliberate mistake

I spent this evening making some progress with Beddgelert. Then I spent some time pulling bits off and sorting out the mess I'd made. The problem is that I have fixed the tank on back to front. This meant that the sand pots, dome and filler cap were all in the wrong place. Having sorted that lot out I continued to add some more detail parts. I've started putting sundry pipes and rods on, like the operating mechanism for the front sand pots. I've also given the loco vacuum pipes which the original didn't have; I think. When the IoSR purchased the worn out loco in 1906 she went back to Hunslets for a major overhaul and the vacuum ejector etc was fitted then. More pipes and handrails next. I don't have any in stock but I'm hoping to get some at the 009 AGM on saturday.

I have been in trouble with Mrs Lord Stoner. I bought some new weathering powders and tried them out on some goods wagons... and a patch of realistic soot on the bright yellow rug. Ooops. Lesson learned, weathering should be done in the garage.

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