Sunday, 16 June 2013

Back ache and spray paint

I've finally had a bit of time to do some modelling this weekend which has manifested itself mainly in painting the Penrhyn quarry-man's coach which I got at the 009 AGM and also spray painting my new Beddgelert. 

I'm quite pleased with the finish and I guess I'll get used to the colour once all the other colours are added etc.I hope to get a bit further with this this week.

The coach is now one of three, the other two are in pretty tidy condition so I thought it would interesting to make the new one look as though it hadn't been looked after for donkeys years.

I started with some grey and pale brown which I mixed on the kit as I went along and then added a darker brown mainly on the floor. I then dry brushed the red paint colour over the top; I did all of this while the paint was all still slightly wet. Being acrylics they set pretty quickly but slow enough to blend quite well especially with a bit of water on the brush too. It looked ok but I decided that some weathering powder would give a better patina and I think I was right. I used some dark brown and some dirty white on the bodywork and some rusty orange on the underframe. I think the other 2 now need a bit of the same treatment but rather less vicious so they still look better cared for.

The other thing I did some work on was the lighting in the nightclub I've been fiddling with on and off for a while. I bought some colour changing LEDs off evilBay a while ago but hadn't got round to installing and wiring them up. The colours look great but they fade from colour to colour which is a bit subtle so I've ordered a couple more that cycle quickly to add which should give a more discoey sort of look. Once installed I'll post a video.

And the back ache? Mrs Lord Stoner and myself were attending to the garden which involves using a petrol strimmer to mow the grass, I went to fetch a broom to sweep the cut grass away from the back door and when I picked it up I felt the old war wound go ping... and that was that. I've spent the rest of the weekend popping handfuls of ibuprofen and making strange, broken old man noises; much to the amusement of the daughter. Hence sitting here writing this at midnight.

I spent some time playing trains too.

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  1. The loco and coaches look great, especially the heavily weathered one...but I must say, the quayside does it for me, it has such a CMR feel to it, reflecting the obvious fun you have had building it!