Friday, 28 February 2014

2 vans and a loco

With the continued appalling weather and a couple of new kits burning a hole in my imagination I've been quite busy over the last week or so of evenings. As a result I have a new Diesel loco, a new RNAD van and a road van for the IoSR track gang.

All three are at various stages of being finished: the loco needs to go into the paint shop, a coat of spray primer and then probably scab red. The RNAD van just needs painting, it will receive the same pale grey as the road van and join the engineer's train. The road van just needs some weathering powder to finish it off.

The loco is mostly a Chivers INA or Harlech Castle as she is properly known. I decided that the new Minitrains diesel ran very nicely but didn't fit with the look of the rest of my fleet so I cut and shut the kit which fitted pretty well. The grills front and back are from A1  Models etches, the rest is styrene with the only parts of the original loco as a clue being the head lamps, front and rear. It is very powerful and easily pulls the 2 L&B coaches, the restaurant car and the L&B bogie wagon up the big hill. Did I mention the wagon before? I got it ready made and painted at NGSW. The couplings were attached direct to the body so it wouldn't go round corners but with that rectified and a couple of the missing truss rods replaced it looks great with the PECO coaches. Just need a Manning Wardle now.

The Chris Ward road van went together very well and I'm pleased with the way it has turned out.

The new 009 society kit for the RNAD van was a pure pleasure to build and results in a very free running vehicle, I may need to get a couple more for departmental use.

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