Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Stationary motion

I've not been sitting on my hands this last week or so, in fact I've been quite busy but due to lightning and the shite service supplied by BT I've been without an internet connection for getting on for two weeks now. I'm doing this in my lunch break at work although I'm hopeful that a new Homehub will be waiting for me when I get home.
Anyway, most of what I've been doing has been getting Underhill ready for the show which has mostly consisted of toning down some of the scenery and adding more texture to it. I've used many tufts of varying sizes and shades and also some Gaugemaster stuff which is like a tufty rug... you can cut it and tease it out and then stick it over flock etc.
Apart from the scenery work I've done I've also been operating the layout to find what works best and what fits in the silly little sidings. One thing I've found is that I need one more isolating section in the head shunt of the cheese factory. This is a pain as the track is in a cutting so getting the Dremmel in there will be hard and also all the wiring is run above the baseboard but under the scenery so that there are no wires below baseboard level. watch this space.
The other thing I've done is complete the station building for Port Lucy, I'd built the basic structure a couple of years ago in anticipation of finishing the layout sooner but got bored with it and put it away.

This is the finished article (apart from three hanging baskets still to be made). The building sits on the edge of the road above the actual track and is connected by a footbridge which is why there is a walkway with handrail along the front of the building, this is made out of Ratio footbridge kit bits as will be the steps down. I really like the finished article although part way through painting it I thought it was fit only for the bin as I couldn't get the stone to look right.

I've also now bought some more timber with which to carry on the construction of Port Lucy etc so progress will move to the garage if I can bear the cold for long enough.

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