Monday, 1 September 2014

Rock and Roll

Spent a couple of happy hours with the hot glue gun and some fake rock yesterday.I also made some progress with where the new overbridge will go and also with the rock face which sits behind Blackhill Station.  It all needs some filler and of course some paint to finish it but the general look is better.

The overall view - the trains are actually diverging

The new bridge in place

I decided that there isn't really room for a house so the bridge leads to a footpath which rises up over the railway and then up a flight of steps, not sure where it goes after that, probably behind a bush.

 In modifying the rockface I've made slightly more room for the station building but clearances are definitely tight. I still need to sort out a water tower for the top end and a lever frame. I made a nice little lever frame box but put it on the display module in the shop window at work... I may have to nick it back... replace it with a bush probably.

While I was working on the layout I gave the stairs a good coat of grey primer so I could paint them later. I had originally thought of painting them Stoner stone colours, i.e. browns and so on but seeing it grey it just shouted to be painted like an FR one; so thats what I did. I'm pretty pleased with the results, it needs some weathering but I'll do that when I finally plant it on the layout.

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