Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Water and plaster

I've continued with the scenery work this week to the point where I ran out of plaster bandage and filler. Panic not, both are replenished. I've moved on down the valley towards 'the horseshoe' end and I'm pretty happy with the results, so far.

I've used some leftover plastic rock here and there. The plaster bandage forms the basic landscape over the polystyrene and bits of old stuff, then once it's set I layer some filler over it and then smooth it out with a very wet brush. It takes a while to set hard and is prone to crack a bit. If it does I just fill the cracks with another layer of filler. I try to make the landscape as though the rock and earth has been eroded by nature, principally water. 

Tryfan Junction Station from the footplate of Lyd

I've had a very busy weekend in the 'real' world so haven't had much chance to progress, however I have built and painted a water tower for the station. 

The basis of the water tower is a Unit Models resin casting but it isn't tall enough as nature intended so I've added an extra layer to add height. This is originally a Talyllyn job with a wooden trough to fill the loco but that is no good for me so I've made a pipe with a valve and a more traditional fabric 'bag'.

It ends up on the wrong side of the loop so I will need to add a facility on the 'up' line. It will need a pump to get the water to it which is an excuse for some sort of waterwheel and pump arrangement.

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